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Facing DUI or criminal charges alone can lead to serious long-term consequences. You’ll want to find a knowledgeable DUI defense attorney to assist you with your case. If you are located in or near Alamosa, CO, consider contacting one of the area’s most trusted DUI law firms—The Law Office of Karl Kuenhold, LLC. Experienced DUI lawyer Karl Kuenhold has successfully helped many clients resolve their cases. He strives to provide excellent service to anyone who needs it. If you’re looking for a DUI or criminal defense lawyer in the Alamosa, CO area, please consider calling today for a free consultation.

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Colorado has three different offenses that a DUI lawyer may need to assist you with:

  • DUI: An individual may receive a DUI charge if they are proven in court to have consumed alcohol, drugs, or both, and as such were unable to properly operate a motor vehicle. It is incredibly important to find a DUI attorney for these types of cases.
  • DUI Per Se: This is what most individuals think of when they think of a DUI. You may be charged with a DUI per se when you are found to have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or higher, determined by either a blood or breath test. It is important to note that if you are driving in Colorado, consent for these tests is assumed.
  • DWAI: This is a lesser offense where your BAC was between .05 and .08. If you have previous DUI charges, however, a DWAI will be treated like a standard DUI.

No matter what offense you are facing, it is important to find a DUI lawyer. Colorado has become increasingly intolerant of DUIs. This has led to an increase in penalties, such as mandatory jail time. DUI attorney Karl Kuenhold is more than capable of helping with your DUI offense. During his ten years working in criminal and DUI law, he has successfully helped many individuals get the best possible outcomes for their cases. This may be anything from a charge dismissal, to a plea for lesser charges, to helping clients receive less stringent sentences. He has been incredibly successful at getting dismissals for his clients. If you would like to speak to a DWI lawyer, then consider calling Karl Kuenhold today for a free consultation.

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Finding a DUI attorney is important regardless of which charge you’re facing, but it becomes even more important if you have multiple convictions. Colorado has three different tiers of punishments for non-felony DUIs depending on how many convictions you’ve had. Each has increasing consequences, including increased jail time, fines, and extra requirements such as community service. Your fourth conviction is considered a felony, and you may be subject to between two and six years of jail and up to $500,000 in fines.

In addition to these charges, you will face consequences for your license. There is a relatively high likelihood that your license will be suspended. Additionally, you will have points added to your license (8 for a DWAI, 12 for a DUI).

It is important to request a hearing within 7 days to avoid these charges. Your DUI attorney will speak to the DMV on your behalf. In addition, a hearing will be scheduled within 60 days of your request, during which you will receive a temporary license.

If you’re in the Alamosa, CO area, then consider contacting DWI lawyer Karl Kuenhold. He offers competitive rates on all DUI cases with several different fee agreements available. He is capable of helping you achieve a positive outcome for your case. If you want to learn more, then consider calling for a free consultation.

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